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    out and about: central park in fall.

    Are you humming yet? Hope so. This past weekend we spent the afternoon of James’s birthday scrambling around Central Park. We took the 4/5 up to 86th Street and stopped by the Dean & Deluca at…

    November 10, 2014
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    fall tomatoes.

    there is a chill in the air but there are still so many tomatoes and you can’t let tomatoes go to waste and so you make sauce. you do not take the skins off,…

    October 2, 2012
  • ducks

    falling, a story.

    this weekend, james and i had ourselves a much-needed little walk in the woods. we closed our computers, left our books behind, and hopped in the car for a mini adventure. we popped in…

    October 13, 2009
  • bennington potters mug

    my week in objects (mostly).

    five little things that made my week. 1. this cup of tea.{because ’tis finally the season.} 2. this fort. {because nothing beats a proper fort on a rainy fall day.} 3. this pumpkin.{because it’s…

    October 2, 2015
  • overalls

    growing a minimalist wardrobe: overalls and outliers.

    I wear overalls.You might say that overalls don’t follow the rules. That a minimalist wardrobe needs to be filled with things that are more flexible, more basic, more easily layered and paired with other things. But…

    October 1, 2015
  • cole haan

    a neighborhood walk with cole haan.

    Faye and I recently had the chance to test-drive new shoes from the Cole Haan fall collection, including their brand new line for kids and babies. I chose complementary styles for me and for…

    September 24, 2015
  • bedtime

    baby proof: bedtime stories.

    My enthusiasm for bedtime stories is born in part from my own memories. In our house growing up, my sisters and I would pile into one bed or another with one parent or another…

    September 21, 2015
  • hat

    my week in objects (mostly).

    five little things that made my week. 1. this new hat. {because it was the kindest gift from brookes. and because the weather for cool enough to wear it. at least for a day.} 2.…

    September 18, 2015
  • moore2

    a finished closet with benjamin moore natura.

    Here’s a closet, reimagined. Or, put plainly: repainted. Mostly, here’s proof that the smallest fixes are often the best ones. The finished project (sponsored by Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint—more on that, here) is a…

    September 16, 2015
  • saturday_lounge

    make-believe: saturday morning lounge.

    Everything rachets up a bit in the fall, doesn’t it? Mostly I find the renewed energy to be inspiring. There are new projects to start, new deadlines to keep, new connections to make, and…

    September 9, 2015