peaches, et cetera.


peaches in a white bowl
This morning's been a study in learning how to take photographs in a very dark apartment and waking up early for peaches.

I wanted to get to the farmers' market in our neighborhood while things were still bountiful so I slipped on an already worn sundress and tied my hair in a knot and called myself presentable enough for these city streets. I've been writing about farmers' markets in other places all week, and I figured it was time for me to pay a visit to my own. No kitchen counter's too small for peaches and sour cherries and the first of the season's tomatoes.

The winter months in this apartment make me forget how dark the summer months are. It's dark enough to need the lights switched on for the entire morning in this apartment, and again starting at 6:00 pm. This is mostly a good thing because it forces us outside, which is where we should be in the summertime. It also forces me to play with the knobs on my camera more than usual. Someday it'd be nice to know what all of these numbers and symbols mean, but for now I'm content to fuss until I get something that looks right enough for me.

Besides, on a morning like this one, peach juice is all the sunshine I need.
peach cut open

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  1. love that bottom photo. there's so much life in it.

  2. Wonderful photographs. I love the farmers market here in my small town, sadly it's only on Saturdays and is a bit small but it's better than nothing!

    1. Agreed: a tiny market is worlds better than no market!

  3. I've been eating peaches like crazy this summer. Like I need to get as much as I can before the summer ends and they go away. And I love the photos.

  4. i'm imagining a 4-season kitchen counter photo study.
    the bottom photo is summer.
    what will replace the juicy peaches in

  5. Yum, you're inspiring me to visit my local market more often.

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