my week in objects (mostly).


five little things that made my week.

1. these flower stamps.
flower stamps
{because just look at how many letters i have to write}.

2. these neighborly violets.
{because they remind me of my momma}.

3. this water mark.
grease stain, undone
{because it means i actually got the grease stain out. dish soap}!

4. this pile o' nettles in my smoothie-to-be .nettle leaf{because even though they kinda look like illicit greens, they're not. and they are making my allergies virtually non-existent}.

5. this head scarf.
{because i'm trying, yet again, to wash my hair every other day. and this is necessary by the morning of day two}.

other things:
gabrielle giffords says it all.
the sweetest little craft.
magnolia bugs!
these stripes.
i caved.
leotards and underwear get me every time.

other things by me:
making neighbor friends.
a flowery face mask.

17 note(s) by friends.:

  1. Oooh, I feel you on the head scarf! My hair is really fine so it looks terrible on day 2, but I keep pushing through. I've heard that ground up oats can be a good dry shampoo alternative and you can add a drop of essential oil to the mix to add a nice fragrance. I haven't tried it, but it might be worth a shot! xo

  2. Those violets are lovely! So happy to see Spring finally pushings its way through :)


  3. Do you use dry shampoo? I have super duper thick Italian (read: greases easily) hair and use the Suave kind. A tiny bit the night of day 1 and the morning of day 2 does wonders for me! I like how the Suave Keratin smells more than the regular, but it leaves more residue!
    Highly recommended!

  4. The same stamps arrived in my mailbox this week, and re-reading Gabrielle Giffords's op-ed had me in tears and unconsciously shaking my head back and forth. Ups and downs.

    On the hair note, I use (and love) Klorane's non-aerosol dry shampoo right before bed, although the headband looks like a great alternative. Happy Friday, E!

  5. Where do you get nettles? My allergies are crushing me this year.

    1. I get mine from the Herb Shoppe on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn!

  6. I was also wondering about the nettles? is that just from the tea bags? and you blend it in the smoothie? I almost bought some nettle tea at Whole Foods the other day after seeing they help allergies! I need that help!

    1. No tea bags, just loose from a local herb shop! But if you only have tea bags, that would likely work, too!

  7. Love the making neighbor friends story. ;)

  8. Wow, I've never heard of using nettles to combat allergies. Interesting!

  9. I'm so intrigued by this nettle allergy thing. I'd ask you to expand but I'll let the internet do that for me! Thanks for the spark of interest and possible help. I hate allergy season.

  10. Washing my hair every other day is the only way my hair won't be a dead mess! Those stamps are sooo pretty! Happy weekend!

  11. See, writing lots of letters wouldn't feel so tiring with stamps like those.. i see why you like them x

  12. I love that iphone case! Rifle Paper co can do no wrong. was thinking about investing in it myself. hmm...

  13. where can i get those stamps??


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