my week in objects (mostly).


five little things that made my week.

1. these prints.
{because even though james took them with an inexpensive digital camera about a million moons ago, they look so pretty, printed}.

2. these cheese nubs.
{because they're the best treat going: pieces from the stinky brooklyn remainders bin. best way to try the new and unusual...and stinky}.

3. this bottle opener.
{because james rescued it from behind the stove (again)}.

4. this rose (and all the others).
{because they made for an extra bright spot in a chilly week}.

5. this velvet ribbon.
{because i just can't get enough of velvet ribbon lately and this moss-colored one was just right for a project}.

other things.
loving on my neighborhood.
this sweet post about my space.
dinner with friends.
color for the winter weary.
this fireplace makes me want to move to clinton hill.

13 note(s) by friends.:

  1. the little things is coming up a lot this week. it's also the simplest things that make us happy. thanks for your post. great reminder. i love your images.

  2. I love stinky cheese - usually the stinkier the better!

    Unfortunately for your nose...

  3. Pretty photos, stinky cheese, and bits of velvet - sounds like a good week. xo!

  4. Your neighborhood sounds lovely.
    The simple fare is usually the best and the most relaxing when friends come to visit.

  5. That photo of the bird is just gorgeous. The quickest, most 'off the cuff' type shots are always the ones that turn out the best don't they? :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend Erin!

  6. Mhmm..this makes me want to nibble a cheese nub and hang a rose on a delicate thread. Thanks for your weekly round up as always, Erin :)

  7. Love the rose garland, so cute.


  8. I really like this segment. They always make me feel inspired to enjoy little things more. Thanks for that! :)

  9. What lovely photography! This is a great series-- reminds me to see the beauty in everything :)

  10. Some monocolor for the nostalgic:

  11. Love this post, Erin! Photographing and appreciating the little things is such a great habit.


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