< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.


find a really cute lady or gent to share your apartment with.

ooh, just kidding. 

gratuitous shot of dreamy boyfriend + actual tip: treat the whole dang city like it's your living room.*

apartments are small. summers are hot. don't feel the need to stay cramped inside. 

we make frequent use of the church steps across the street for weekend lunches and after-dinner treats. we haven't yet raised a glass with the monsignor who presides over it, but you never know, stranger things have happened. just yesterday, i gushed about my particular admiration for brooklyn bridge park. the bottom line? if there's a public park in this city, chances are that we've picnicked in it or strolled through it or otherwise taken full advantage of its oxygen-producing giants and rolling lawns.

a few numbers to help you understand why:

central park: 843 acres
prospect park: 585 acres
brooklyn bridge park: 85 acres
the high line: 6.73 acres
our apartment: 0.005509 acres

we like our tiny apartment. but we're not crazy.

*full credit for tip goes to india. see more of her ideas, here

15 note(s) by friends.:

  1. truer words have not been said.... love this. :)

  2. what a handsome man! so glad that you are BOTH safe and sound and happy.

  3. LOL @ the "acreage" of your apt. Cute post!


  4. I think most of us live in tiny apartments because we love what's on the outside anyway! Right? :)

  5. hubba, hubba ... oh, great tip, too :)!

  6. Haha, your apartment in acres ! Great post!

  7. Target has circular bathmats. We have one now I think it goes great in the small space!

  8. What a great City Life you two have :)

  9. Oh boy, more self-possessed hipsters who moved to Brooklyn to become their own brand. People in the rest of America might be impressed but if you live in Williamsburg, every single person you see on the sidewalk has their own logo, blog and line of products. Usually with a post-modern 'bird' silhouette worked into it somehow. Megalomaniacs are a dime-a-dozen here. These two are NOT special- they are actually VERY conventional in this zip code. Lord knows who they paid off at Yahoo News to get featured all day long like this.

    1. This comment makes me really sad, because I'm pretty sure you've never met these people and yet you're making all kinds of assumptions about them. I'm not sure what compelled you to write a comment like this, but I wonder if you would be so quick to say these things if you were sitting across from the people toward whom you are directing them. Erin has made no claims to being special; on the contrary, her column on living in a small space is actually a nod to the fact that many of us live like her. She's a lovely person, and is special not because of the size of her apartment or willingness to share snippets of her life online, but because she is a kind person who is trying to lead a conscientious life. Bottom line: I think this comment is rude and has very little, if anything, to do with the conversations happening on this blog. Opening a conversation about the merits of self-branding and blogging is one thing; tossing out inflammatory comments clearly meant to hurt feelings (anonymously) is quite another.

  10. I'm loving the 240-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn Heights that's what I love most about its size can't forget anything everything is close to you awesome blog thanks for sharing your story


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