< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.


survival tip #6.

rearrange what you love.

i've been saving these cardoon flowers and craspedia for weeks (er, months). they've been in bottles on my dresser, bottles on my windowsill, and bottles on my countertop. last week i decided they needed to be in bottles on my wall. they're way up high on the half wall of our loft and they're the best thing i could think of for a tricky space. what's old is new again.

13 note(s) by friends.:

  1. This is so clever and pretty. I love the bottles you used.

  2. Hello, lovelies. This idea is fantastic, seriously.

  3. These are really beautiful! Great idea!

  4. A gorgeous idea. I also am living in a small space for the first time in a while, but added to that already tricky situation is.....my parents live here too!!your blog is a very welcome (and pretty) distraction!


  5. simple and they are very pretty too


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