adirondack weekend.


adirondack weekend
If one can still be a cousin when separated by marriage and generations and entire sides of the family—and we've decided that the answer is yes, indeed—then we spent the weekend with cousins at their home in the Adirondacks.

For me, weekends like these are largely an exercise in toting a heavy camera up the side of the moutain, only to pull it out once. Still, here are a few little snaps to give a sense of the weekend and to log the experience in the old memory banks. Not that we really need a reminder of how good it feels to breathe in mountain air and eat under a sky full of stars that only gets more sparkly the longer you look into it.

Here, a little bit about about how we spent our time:

adirondack weekend
We ate woodfired pizza and barbecued dinners. By way of refreshment there were Adirdondack beers and bourbon-spiked lemonade with thick stems of rosemary and plenty of ice-cold water.
adirondack weekend
In the mornings there were fresh berries and strong coffee on the screened porch and the kind of philosophical musings that can only come from a cherubic three-year old.
adirondack weekend
We took Faye on her first hikes and learned the finer points of scrambling up a mountain with a baby strapped to our chests and a toddler (or two) to entertain. We got our first taste of sock weather and rejoiced in getting to zip on our hoodies (all three).
adirondack weekend
We huffed in the smell of goldenrod and juniper berries and other things that are hard to come by in the city.
aadirondack weekenddk3201
We lit candles and bonfires and didn't care when our hair smelled like woodsmoke.
adirondack weekend
Today, it's a return to business as usual. The air is hot and sticky in the city but that's not stopping us from sharpening our proverbial pencils and diving back to work feeling eternally grateful and utterly refreshed from a weekend away.

For the curious:
My shirt (a gift from sweet Sadie).
Faye's sweats.
The world's sweetest baby socks.
And a few more shots on instagram.

my week in objects (mostly).


five little things that made my week:

1. this herby water.
{for being just what i needed to complete a little work project.}

2. these swaddles.
{nothing new here, but i thought they deserved a special shout-out this week, especially for sitting so pretty.}

3. this other breakfast.
{because clearly i'm on a yogurt kick.}

4. these leggings.
{for being made in the usa and for being generously sent my way. already a new weekend standby.}

5. these wipes.
{because let's just say that this week was eventful. yes, i've now stooped to blogging about poop. and calling it eventful.}

other things:
these sheep.
home smelly home.
this new sweet space.
into the woods.
city whale!
color-coded closet strategy.

things by me in other places:
tiny bathroom tips.

life in a tiny apartment.



Tip # 108.

Indulge in a moment of solitude.

At the time of writing it's after dinnertime on a weeknight, only there's not yet been any dinner. I am sitting by myself in an apartment that's getting dark, but the half-light feels right for the mood I'm in, which is a quiet one.

James is on a walk with Faye. She's a wriggly little bundle tonight, all gas and bubbles and the tiniest little frown on red cherry lips that you've ever seen. She needed a walk. To just get out from these four walls for a minute. And I needed to be alone in them. Just me and the whir of the ceiling fan and the room darkening around me.

One of the most emailed questions I receive is about how to gain a sense of quiet in a tiny apartment that you share with someone else. And while getting out of the apartment is a pretty good bet for clearing your mind, sometimes it's staying inside that feels just as good. And it's as simple as telling the people that you love that you need a few minutes to yourself.

It's the new mom in me speaking, no doubt. Having spent much of the last few years working at least partially from home, being alone in our apartment was not an infrequent occurence. But lately, I've come to crave the moments when it's just me. I'm not about to go hermit on you and make for the woods, but I do think it's worth carving out a little time to be alone in your space. Tell your husband to take a walk with the baby; ask your girlfriend to sit on the church stoop while she calls her mom; figure out when your roomate is coming home and arrive an hour before him. Dare I suggest you pour yourself a glass of rosé and really relish in it? Yes.

However you spend them, steal a few quiet minutes for yourself and feel everything reset.

Tiny apartment survival tips # 1 - 107, right here.

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