my week in objects (mostly).

    June 24, 2016

    five little things that made my week.

    1. this shell.
    my week in objects | reading my tea leaves

    {for fitting right in.}

    2. these hydrangeas.
    my week in objects | reading my tea leaves

    {for blooming before we have to head home.}

    3. this little yellow week in objects | reading my tea leaves

    {for being an over-sized solution for keeping a tiny bug moderately dry.}


    4. this mound of cheese.
    my week in objects | reading my tea leaves{on what i like to call a bowl of amelie poulain pasta.}

    5.  this comic week in objects | reading my tea leaves

    {because it’s proust. and because the tiniest among us loves to “read” it (in the loo).}

    other things:

    good trouble.

    all hail the nursing caftan.

    the light of a missed sunset.

    patches never looked so good.

    park bench stories.

    hector, eyebrows, minnie, and hector. 

    cotton gauze everything, please.

    me in other places:

    ditch the coffee table, but more importantly, ditch the rules.

    baby proof: travel tips from a toddler.

    June 21, 2016

    travel tips from a toddler | reading my tea leaves
    It must be known that a two-year-old is an intrepid traveler: all gut checks and self-care and general enthusiasm for the new and unexplored. 

    To be fair, a two-year-old is also a terrible traveler: indifferent to the desires of the group, unimpressed by cultural monuments, and utterly lacking in discretion or restraint when it comes to airing opinions.

    We can’t all be perfect all the time.
    travel tips from a toddler | reading my tea leavesAnd despite the sometimes-terrible, there’s still much to learn from the often-intrepid. Indeed, I think that there are a number of tips from The Toddler’s Guide to Travel that we’d all do well to follow. (Note: I’m not positive that such a volume exists, but it seems to me that tiny humans must get their behavioral dictums from one place or another—and that they’re certainly not always from their well-intentioned parents. The Guide to Travel is no doubt shelved not far from the Guide to Ceaseless Sing-Alongs. To be investigated.)travel tips from a toddler | reading my tea leaves
    Herewith, the tips I’ve gathered from my own tiny tyrant traveler.

    1. Learn a few words of the new language and employ them with great gusto whenever the proper occasion arises and even when it doesn’t. If you sometimes shout “Merci!” to strangers passing you on a hike, they will smile cordially and wonder about what nicety they unwittingly extended. Please, thank you, hello, goodbye and croissant are all terribly useful.

    2. Nap it off. Everyone the world over could use a little post-lunch siesta. Stop pushing yourself on to the next museum and give yourself a moment or two to rest. Your feet are tired, you’re getting grumpy, and your family members love you very much but could probably use a small break from you.

    3. Eat often. No one travels well on an empty stomach and a chief joy of being in a new place is to partake in the local culinary customs. It would be a shame to leave a place without sampling one of everything from the pastry shop. Begin your sampling early, return often, and leave no crumb behind.

    4. Embrace the great outdoors. You might get ten glorious minutes out of an art museum, but find a pile of sand and a bucket to shovel it into and there’s potential for an hour of delight. Running pell-mell through any open space is to be encouraged.

    5. Revel in inclement weather. A rainy day is a chance to splash in puddles. Soggy shoes make hilarious noises. Mud is friend, not foe. Run in the rain now and laugh about it later.

    my week in objects (mostly).

    June 17, 2016

    five little things that made my week.

    1. this little yogurt jar.
    {and those lil’ guys for hanging on.}

    2. these sandals.

    {because it’s warmed up again around here. also, twinsies.}

    3. this butter.butter_reading_my_tea_leaves_IMG_1184

    {because it’s at room temp and just right for smearing.}

    4. these watercolors.watercolors_reading_my_tea_leaves_IMG_1186

    {because the progress is slo-o-o-w, but i don’t mind.}

    5. these stairs.staircase_reading_my_tea_leaves_IMG_1203

    {and faye for mastering them.}

    other things: 

    solstice, sisters, scarves.

    don’t write drunk or do & other bits of advice.

    paloma rosa.

    old soul, new update.

    gonna need one of these

    ingeniously boring.

    emotional granularity.

    yes to all of this. (thank you, ashley.)

    me in other places:

    chatting on a (virtual) yellow couch.


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